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Vishal Kumar

BE Honors (Mechanical Engineering), MBA (Bradford) England, UK, MAISI (USA), MASM (USA)

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In Person or On-Line Web Consulting-Day’s & Timings

Monday’s through Friday’s

(Indian Standard Time-IST)

+5:30 Hour Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Zone

Timings: Mutually agreed to convenience according to time zone(s)

Advisory Fees

Sessions are billed as / priced 30 minute sessions, which are pre-booked

How to Book a Session

Call, write or e-mail us at

T: 0091-(0)11-2811-5021

M: 0091-(0)98-111-15423

Scope of On-Line Engineering, Materials and Metallurgical Consulting
Subject Duration
1 Materials & Alloy Selection
For End Use Applications, Duty Cycles and Service Conditions
15-30 minutes
30 minutes & Over
2 Identification of Alloys to Reference Standards (International Standards) and Specifications 15-30 minutes
30 minutes & Over
3 Understanding & Correctly Interpreting Metallurgical Testing Reports & Results
(Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing)
- Assessment, Reviews, Inferences and Implications, Prognosis
15-30 minutes
30 minutes & Over
4 Welding & Weld Filler Selection-
Reference to Standard AWS or equivalent Specification
15-30 minutes
30 minutes & Over
5 Welding -Processes, Procedures and Protocols Welding-Failures: Assessment & Remedies 30 minutes & Over
6 Manufacturing Process- Selection, Improvement, Optimization, Cost Reduction & Value Analysis 30 minutes & Over
7 Manufacturing Process- Selection, Improvement, Optimization, Cost Reduction & Value Analysis 30 minutes & Over
8 Advanced Materials and High Alloy Metallurgy 30 minutes & Over
9 High and Elevated Temperature – Corrosion, Erosion, Failures
Understanding Creep, Rupture and Mechanisms of Metal/Alloy Failure in Service
30 minutes & Over
10 Conventional and CNC Machining-Techniques to Optimize Cost of Product Manufacturing 30 minutes & Over
11 Cutting Tools Selection-Conventional and CNC
Selection of Right Cutting Tools, Cutting Parameters, Enhance Cutting Tool Life,
Lubrication, Reducing Tool Wear and Tool Failure Rates, Improving Cutting Edge Life, Heat Treatment, Surface Enhancement Techniques, Coatings
30 minutes & Over
12 Mechanical Metallurgical Failure-Causes, Analysis, Diagnosis & Prevention/Mitigation 30 minutes & Over
13 Corrosion-Failure, Analysis, Prevention, Mitigation, Material Selection Corrosion in Industrial, Commercial and Service Environments- Assessment, Diagnosis, Remedies, Prevention and Mitigation 30 minutes & Over
14 Wear, Abrasion, Erosion-Failures, Analysis, Mitigation & Prevention
15 High Temperature- Failure, Analysis and Assessments 30 minutes & Over
16 Heat Treatment Consulting-
Processes Selection, Parameter Selection, Treatment Methods, HT Cycle design, and Heat Treatment Failures, Microstructure Enhancement & Optimization, Heat Treating Costs, Heat Treating Fixture Design & Optimization
30 minutes & Over
17 Materials Testing Consulting -Selection, Techniques, Standards, Procedures 30 minutes & Over
18 Consulting- General Metallurgy 15-30 minutes
30 minutes & Over
19 For discussion and consulting beyond the above scope, kindly ask for a quotation. ***


After the consulting, those clients and customers who eventually buy our products and solutions, the consulting & advisory fee will be credited and adjusted in their final tax invoice.

Schedule of Charges
(valid till 31 December 2021, amidst COVID19 extended services)

ACMECAST, WH-76, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi 110064, India

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Number 07AAMPK8165G1ZD
Domestic Consulting GST Rate 18% (extra)
International Consulting GST Rate 0.01% (inclusive)

Tax Invoice shall be made in name of the client’s company (with TIN, VAT or GST) or person in specific

Zone Consulting Session Duration Consulting Charges
Within India 15-30 minutes INR 2400.00 + 18% GST Extra
30 minutes & over INR 4800.00 + 18% GST Extra
North Americas
(US, Canada, Mexico)
30 minutes & over USD 150.00
United Kingdom 30 minutes & Over BSP 80.00
Europe 30 minutes & Over EURO 100.00
Rest of the World 30 minutes & Over USD 100.00

Payment Method and Wire Transfer (Electronic Payments) Instructions

To book an On-Line Web Consulting Appointment, kindly send payments for credit to

General Terms & Conditions of On-Line Web Consulting Services
Service Tax Invoice will be issued in the company’s name or individual’s name. GST Number or Tax Number of Client should be provided to us for claiming back incident tax, with the local authority of client’s country rules and regulations.
Complete name, company name, address, phone, email and website address must to be provided to us to schedule the meeting. Customers are suggested to be well prepared for meeting with necessary documents, pictures, reports, and agenda to be discussed during consulting time slots.
Bank transaction charges are to client’s account
Customer should ensure necessary internet connection and Microsoft Meet or any similar virtual meeting software installed on its computer with voice, camera and provision for data/file transmission. AcmeCast is neither liable or nor responsible for any internet breakdown or other impediments at client’s end for their inability to successfully meet in virtual medium.
Confirmation of prepayment in advance for the booking of time slot will be informed before meeting.
Appointment slot will be confirmed within 1-2 days in advance and confirmed scheduling in good time.
Cancellation of appointment, 1 day in advance. Money will be refunded, bank charges to customer account.
In case, of cancelling of meeting from our end, payment will be refunded. Alternatively, a meeting can re-scheduled at a mutually convenient on a working day and suitable time.
No refund of consulting fee on cancellation of web online meeting appointment on the day of consulting.
GST, Tax invoice will be issued to the client on the successive working day.
For meeting time exceeding the schedule, customer will be invoiced for next full slot time and advance payment will be adjusted in the final bill.
Credits will be given to customers and clients who eventually use our products and solutions.
Consulting advice, remedies and recommendations are provided from an individual professional’s perspective based on client information shared during discussion. Any incorrect interpretation, application, implementation, end result(s) or damages are not covered in scope of consulting services. Advisory services are intended to put clients on right path and suggest methods to overcome impediments and problems faced by them in end application(s). For detailed problem solving, plant visits and further prognosis may be required.