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Technical Literature, Alloy Metallurgy & Application Notes

1 ATSM A 297 Cast Heat Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steels
2 Furnace Parts- Cast Heat Resistant Alloys
3 High Temperature Corrosion
4 Static Cast Reformer Fittings in Heat Resistant Alloys
5 Static & Centrifugal Cast Components for Steam Crackers, Steam Reformers-Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, Catalyst Tube Assembly for Chemical, Petrochemical Industry, Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Reformer Plants
6 Annexure M: Incoloy 800 Series, Special Metals Corporation; ACMECAST cast equivalents of Incoloy 800, 20Cr-32Ni, 20Cr-32Ni-Nb/Cb Heat Resistant Alloys
7 Metallurgical Structures Cast Fe-Cr-Ni and Fe-Ni-Cr Heat Resistant Alloys ASTM A 297 Grades and alike
8 Skid Buttons (Riders) for Walking Beam and Pusher Type -Reheating Furnaces (RHF)
9 Welding Metallurgy of Heat Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steels-Cracking of Welds
10 Stress Relieving of Austenitic Stainless Steels
11 Heat Resistant Stainless Steels Used in Cement-Plants and Mills
12 ACME Air Injection Nozzles and Blow Pipe Assemblies for AFBC and CFBC Boilers
13 Grate Bars for Waster-to-Energy, Sinter and Pellet Plants
14 Cast Heat Resistant Alloy HH, Type I and Type II; ASTM A 447 and ASTM A 297
15 Coal Burner Nozzle Tips Wear in Thermal Power Plants
16 Cast Nickel Base Heat Resistant Alloys
17 Austenitic Manganese Steels (AMS)- A Short Brief
18 Cast Manganese Steels Grades Equivalent in DIN and IS Standard Alloys
19 Bushes in Austenitic Manganese Steels (AMS) to Combat Severe Metal-to-Metal Galling Wear
20 Austenitic Manganese Steels (AMS) Hadfield Steel ASTM A 128-Uses, Limitations and Impediments
21 Reversible Crusher Hammer Heads in ACME Modified ASTM A 128 Titanium Killed Austenitic Manganese Steel (AMS)
22 ACME Hard-Faced Wear Plates
23 Shot Blasting Machine Spares and Consumables in Wear Abrasion Resistant Alloys
24 ACMECAST Chrome-Moly Liners and Wear Plates
25 Sinter Plant Spares
26 Cast Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steels
27 Cast Nickel Alloys–Illium 98, Illium B, Illium G, Hastelloy-B, C, C276, C2000, Monel, Inconel
28 Corrosion of Ash Handling Systems Ash Handling Plant (AHP) at Thermal Power Plants
29 Cast Nickel Base Heat and Corrosion Resistant Alloys
30 High Performance Refiner Plates and Disc Segments for Pulp and Paper Plants
31 High Alloyed Cast Irons- High Silicon (Silal), High Chromium (Ni-Hard 1, 2, 4), High Nickel (Ni-Resist)
32 Ni-Resist (Nickel Alloyed Irons): Applications
33 Pump Impellers: Open and Blind Types
34 Cast Tool Steels ASTM A 597 Grades and Its Equivalents AISI, MIL, ACI, AMS, IC, SAE, IN, QQ
35 Cast Cobalt Alloys
36 Cast Cobalt Alloy Valve Components
37 Cast Cobalt Alloys-Comparision of Candidate Alloys for Hot Dip Galvanizing of Steel Sheets, Strips; Zinc Protection Coating
38 Annexure A: Technical Note on Castings & Cast Components
39 Alloy Characteristics Effect Casting Design
40 Conceptual Framework for Desgining Metal Castings- Systems Approach
41 Castings versus Forgings- A Realistic Evaluation
42 Prof. Dr John Campbell: 10 Rules for Making Reliable Castings
43 Prof. Dr. John Campbell: Introduction to the Casting Manufacturing Industry
44 Prof. Dr. John Campbells: The Significance of Bi-Films
45 Prof. Dr. John Campbells: The Consolidation of Metals- The Origin of Bi-Films
46 An Examination of the Impact of Grain Structure on Tensile Testing of Air Melt Cast Alloy 713C
47 Test Coupons and Casting Properties-Relevance and Co-relation
48 Turboject Engine Evaluation of AISI 321 and AISI 327 as Nozzle Blade Materials- Titanium and Niobium (Columbium) Modified Austenitic Stainless Steels-NASA NACA Reasearch Report Abstract
49 Radiograhy Testing: Radiograpy Testing Standard AFS 2009 (Draft Copy)-Malcom Blair, R Monroe SFSA A New Standard for Radigraphy Acceptance Criteria for Steel Castings
50 Sand Cast Aluminium Alloys
51 Commonly Used BS EN 1706 1998 Aluminium Alloys-Composition and Suggested Properties
51 Commonly Used BS EN 1706 1998 Aluminium Alloys-Composition and Suggested Properties
52 Cast Cobalt Wear Resistant Alloys for Bushings and Sleeves Used in Continuous Steel Hot Dipping Galvanizing Process Lines
53 ACMECAST Proprietary Heat Resistant Alloys- Oil Ash Corrosion
54 Broad Understanding and Practical Insights-Cast Metallurgical Microscture of Standard and Proprietary Heat Resistant Alloys
55 Double Roll Crushers-ROLLS- ACME Modified A 128 Grade E1 and E2 Ti Nb V and Modified Cast Tool Steel A 597 Grade CD 2 (Tool Steel D2)
56 Effects of Environment on Abrasive Wear
57 Effects of Material Properties on Abrasive Wear
58 Material Selection for Abrasive Wear
59 Direct Reduction Iron DRI Plant -Sponge Iron Plant Spares & Replacement Parts in Heat Resistant Alloys