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International Customers

International Customers

Rapid Response Cast Products (RRCP) Limited, UK
Heat Resistant Alloy cast fittings for reformers, Bends, U-, Y- Pieces, Tube Supports, Hangers, & Custom-Made Parts

Bibus Poland
Cobalt base alloy components/ parts

Wolften S.A. Spa Poland
Nickel and Cobalt base alloy parts, Nickel alloyed irons Ni Resist

MolyCorp, USA
Ni-Resist D5 Mo

Westmoreland Testing and Research Inc., USA
Cast Inconel 713C and Inter-metallics Nickel Alumnide Bars for Elevated Temperature Tensile Testing

SuCoin Inc, Florida, USA
Reformer tube sheet, tube supports and fittings in HP45 alloy

Boustead Heaters Limited, UK/Spain
Reformer tube supports, and static cast reformer fittings in HK, HK40, HP45, HP45 Nb/Cb

Trinity Turbine Technology Inc., Texas, USA
Industrial Gas Turbines (IGT) Spares- Nozzle Packing Rings, Segments, Labyrinth Seals & Bushings- Ni Resist D2, D3

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) USA
Stainless Steel Deep well Hand Pump components SS304/ SS316 – AFRIDEV/ India Mark-II/III/ Extra Deep Well Spares

GWE Germany – Pumpen Boesse
Stainless Steel India Mark -II/III/ Extra Deep well- Cylinder Units and Components in SS304, SS304Ti, SS316, SS316Ti

Sulzer Indonesia
Pump Parts in Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Metllote B. V. Brussels
Illium 98 nickel base alloy cast and machined parts

Eco Energy, Texas, USA
Reformer Concentric Reducers in HP 45 Nb/ Cb Alloy

Thyssen Krupp Elevators, Germany
Airport bridges, escalators and elevator parts

Carlos Caballero Srl, Bolivia
Tube supports for reformer in heat resistant alloy ASTM A 351 Grade HK40