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Engineering, Materials & Metallurgical Consulting

Engineering, Materials & Metallurgical Consulting

Material science, manufacturing, engineering and metallurgy has leapfrogged over the last 50 years. Newer materials, alloys, inter-metallics and composites have paved its way substituting their earlier counterparts. With the advent of computing prowess-finite element design and modelling (FEM), finite element analysis (FEA) and computation fluid dynamics (CFD) has empowered to put to simulate and put to test new designs, products, materials before its manufacturing.

We believe choosing the ‘right material’ for the ‘right applications’ results in overall cost and value benefits over 25%. Being engaged in manufacturing of mechanical parts and components for wide industrial applications using manufacturing processes like castings, forging, fabrications and CNC machining using cast, wrought, forged, rolled and formed alloy/material source. One of our core competences lies in offering solutions and recommendations to customers that outperform existing OEM product performance.

“Making Knowledge Work”

Our consulting and advisory services broadly include:

  • Selection of material and alloys
  • Evaluation and failure of parts, components and process equipment attributed to heat, wear, abrasion, pressure and corrosion in industry service environment and specific end applications
  • Failure Root Cause Analysis
  • Reviewing presently used materials and alloys at clients end application and suggesting right alloys that meet or exceed existing performance and useful life.
  • Advising clients of specifications of its part with reference to national and international specifications and grades
  • Reverse Engineering & Concurrent Manufacturing
  • Conversions of fabrications and fabricated assemblies into single piece casting or cast integrated assembly
  • 2-D and 3-D CAD Modelling and Designing
  • Tool and Fixture Design and its manufacturing
  • Reviewing component designs. Improving them in terms of weight, reduced manufacturing time, materials selection and achieve cost savings by optimizing it
  • Manufacturing methods and processes
  • Writing up technical and manufacturing specification of a component working with OEM’s
  • Recommending clients domestic and international Standard Specifications for Manufacturing and Materials
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Surface Engineering- enhancing surface metallurgy and properties using techniques like-hardfacing, coatings, cladding
  • Welding and Welding Metallurgy- Choosing correct welding fillers, rods, techniques, procedure and inspection protocols
  • Machining and machining techniques
  • Selection of right cutting tools, cutting materials and material removal techniques
  • On-site plant process plants (like steel, cement, chemical, pulp, paper, mineral and mining) and mechanical equipment failure assessments
  • Metallurgical engineering and process metallurgy (steel making, alloy design and manufacturing)
  • Total Quality Management

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Case Studies

More than 100 case studies spanning industries like-oil & gas, petroleum & petrochemicals; steam, hydrogen & ethylene reformers, iron and steel making plants (DRI, SIP, Sinter, Pellet, Ore), pulp & paper, mineral, mining & ore processing, cement, chemicals, and power plants.