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Case Study # 5

Case Study # 5


A global leader in manufacturing and supplying vacuum furnace was facing problem of cracking of studs during heat treating process. The company is based Poland.

Evaluation, Assessment, Recommendation And Solution(s)

Evaluation, assessment, alloy selection and manufacturing of charge support studs for Single Combined Thermal Process Heating Treating Furnace

Ammonia Nitriding + Nitro-carburizing + Steam-Water Passivation above 600°C service temperature

A detailed case study report of 15 pages were submitted to the customer examining the causes of rapid failures of furnace part, support studs made in corrosion resistant stainless steel grade AISI 316 in its carbo-nitriding furnace.

Titanium stabilized alloys solution was suggested and asked for trial implementation to overcoming cracking of stub supports


The customer overcome the problem and also converted its furnace’s heat-treating shell in the same metallurgy as suggested of support studs. The customer, never encountered metallurgical failures in all the new supplies and replaced its previous furnaces supplied with old material spares, with new ones.